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An Interview With John Buccigross

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John Buccigross is an ESPN anchor, college hockey announcer and diehard hockey fan. If you follow us on Twitter (@TRLHockey), whenever we post the staff’s picks for the #bucciovertimechallenge we are talking about the game he created that has now gone viral. He has worked with ESPN since 1996, anchoring SportsCenter and NHL2Night while also occasionally penning his own hockey columns. We were fortunate enough to be able to ask him some questions about the greatest game on ice.


TRL: The first two weeks of these Stanley Cup Playoffs have been incredible, but is there any particular moment that has stood out to you?

JB: Nathan MacKinnon. I’m not sure the league has seen an 18 year old like this before. His speed with the puck is unreal. It’s the best thing in sports television right now. I’ve watched him all year and his has been a slow bubbling. Young people get better quickly. We are seeing that right now.


TRL: Every year during the playoffs, the ‪#‎bucciovertimechallenge‬ is all over Twitter. How exactly did it come to be?

JB: It was old game we did on the set of NHL2Night as we watched the overtime playoff game. Barry Melrose, Ray Ferraro and I would throw a dollar on the set and if someone won they got three bucks. If nobody won we put our dollar back in our pocket. Soon after I joined Twitter I recalled the game one night. So, as a lark, I just threw it on Twitter and simple promised to retweet about 5-7 people. I was shocked at the response. It has slowly grown from there and now has turned into a good charity venture that is raising pretty good money.


TRL: In light of recent suspensions such as the 7 game ban to Matt Cooke for kneeing Tyson Barrie, how do you hope to see the NHL continue to evolve in terms of player safety?

JB: I think the NHL is in a good place with player safety. It’s a fast and dangerous game and accidents and collisions will happen.


TRL: What are your thoughts on the state of hockey coverage across America?

JB: There has never been a better place to be a hockey fan. Outside of talk radio in the U.S. there is plenty of NHL content to consume if you are a hockey fan. Great stats, video, and writing.


TRL: You’re a huge college hockey fan and you called a thrilling NCAA Tournament and Frozen Four earlier this month. Tell us some reasons why all the young players out there should choose it over playing major junior.

JB: It’s an individual choice. College isn’t for everyone, however, college hockey is a great place to grow as a person, be around a wide variety of people and not just like minded hockey players. Also, just having games primarily on the weekend, players can train during the week on their skill and strength for better long term development.


TRL: To wrap things up, tell us in one sentence why hockey is the greatest sport in the world

JB: Barry Melrose.


You can follow Bucci’s always-entertaining Twitter account @Buccigross, and be sure to play the #bucciovertimechallenge the next time a playoff game requires OT.


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