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Jake Reiser

We hear of many the court case, lawsuit, arrest and the like in the majority of professional sports, Aaron Hernandez, Greg Hardy, Ugueth Urbina, Plaxico Burris, the list can go on and on. But we rarely hear of an NHLer in trouble with the law. It happens, and there are certainly some interesting stories to go along with these arraignments. Here are some of the ways NHLers have had run-ins with the law.


Claude Giroux
giroux arrestedIn an incident now referred to as “Buttgate”, the Flyers captain, who was drunk at the time, grabbed the buttocks of a male police officer in Ottawa. In what Giroux called a Canada Day Prank, he apologized and said that he wants to move past this and bring a Stanley Cup to Philadelphia next season. If you’re looking into a very funny (completely not real) account of the nights events, check out Broad Street Nation’s exclusive on Giroux’s arrest.


Dustin Byfuglien
byfuglien arrestThis one is a two-parter, as he gets in trouble with more than just the police. Byfuglien was arrested not for a DWI, but for a BWI. Yes, B. He was arrested in Hennepin County, Minnesota for boating while intoxicated, as well as refusing to take a sobriety test. Now what is the second part to this? He weighed in at his arrest at 286 lbs. He played during the season at 245. With that came the birth of #DustinByfuglienIsSoFat, a collection of tweets as to how far the Jets defenseman is. The kicker? The Winnipeg Jets had absolutely no clue he had gained weight in the offseason. Double trouble!


Dino Ciccarelli
Many may know that Mr. Ciccarelli had much more serious allegations against him in his career, arrested for on-ice assault in a vicious stick swinging attack on Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Luke Richardson. But he was also arrested another time during his career. Dino was outside for one reason or another, checking in on a strange noise from the outside, checking his mail, but he happened to walk outside in just a sweater and socks. A female neighbor noticed and he was arrested for indecent exposure.


Chris Nilan
You start with three, you end with two: where’s the third one? This is exactly the case with Mr. Nilan, who walked into a Lord and Taylor dressing room with three pairs of swimsuit bottoms, and only came out with two. Security followed him out of the store where he admitted he was wearing the missing pair of trunks under the shorts he came in with. He told a local newspaper he “was just trying to save a few bucks”


Ryan Malone
malone arrestThe current unrestricted free agent was pulled over in a less than reputable part of Tampa Bay in April 2014 for driving both under the influence of alcohol and possession of 1.3 grams of cocaine. His season had been doing down the drain before then though, gaining 50 lbs from the start of the season, only having 15 points in the 57 games he had played, 5 goals and 10 assists, and he hadn’t suited up in the prior three games before the arrest, being the teams healthy scratch.


NHLers do have run-ins with the law, it’s just rare that we ever see them. There are more serious ones that could have been included, like Brett Sutter and Patrick Kane both punching out cab drivers, Kevin Stevens getting caught with both a prostitute and cocaine, and a drunken rage by Ed Belfour at an upscale hotel, but I felt that the five above deserved elaboration based on how recent the arrest was or on what the arrest was for. Comment with what other incidences of NHL players and the law you can think of!


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comments ( 3 )

  • July 23, 2014 at 4:47 pm Bud Fox

    Bob Probert (drugs) , Craig McTavish (manslaughter) , Brain Spinner Spencer (murder) , Jere Karalahti (drug dealing) , Mike Danton (atempt murder), Ogie Ogilthorpe (deported from the USA and then Canada refused to accept him)

    • July 23, 2014 at 8:13 pm Bruinschick

      LOL. Good one, Bud. Ogie was the worst of the lot. 😀

      • July 24, 2014 at 1:26 am Bud Fox

        Dany Heatley (manslaughter) Rob Ramage Vehicular homicide Link Geatz – assault dui etc…